Meet The Vedazzling Makers

Meet the wonderful artists that help to keep Vedazzling Shining!           


Meet Victoria Brannigan 

Victoria is the owner and designer of The Queens Lovely Things. A luxury brand designed to Awaken the Queen & King that you are! 


Meet Sandrine Beauty

Sandrine Beauty is a handcrafted bath & body company. With handmade products by Sandrine Valentine. All products are made by Sandrine in Brooklyn, NY 




Meet Vera Moore

Vera Moore Cosmetics Brand is a NY based cosmetics company with legendary colors that are bright bold and stand the test of time. Her skincare line will help give your skin the glow it needs.

Check out why she loves being a Vedazzling Maker.  

 Meet SK Wilbur

Queens-based Wilbur Pack Jr., the Lead Designer of SK WilBUR, has been one of our long-standing Vedazzling Makers. He handcrafts exclusive handbag pieces for Vedazzling Accessories and is one of our customer favorites. Hear his story and why he chose to be a part of the Vedazzling family!